Update: Britain votes to leave the European Union

In a historic referendum, Britain has voted to leave the European Union. The result of the vote has already triggered a tidal wave of political and fiscal changes, the most headline-grabbing of which is the commitment by the Prime Minister, David Cameron, to resign and have new leadership in place by the Conservative party conference in October. We were already in the process of preparing a full post-vote briefing document for all of our clients, which will present a summary of what has happened and how this decision may impact investments, pensions and the wider economy. The work on this document will continue and we envisage sending it out to you early next week. In the immediate short ter

The widening gap between the lifespans of rich and poor people

For the first time since the 1870s, the gap between the expected lifespan of the rich and the poor is getting wider in England and Wales. A study by City University London confirms that, whilst people are living longer overall, the lifespan of rich people is expanding faster. Using statistics from the Human Mortality Database, the researchers looked at the age difference between the youngest 10% and oldest 5% of adult deaths. The gap steadily closed between 1870 and 1939 thanks to advancements such as clean drinking water, higher quality housing, increased income and improvements in health. From 1950 onwards, life expectancy rose but the imbalance between the rich and the poor continued rath

June Market Commentary

May was the month when you could be forgiven for thinking that there was only one event in the world that mattered: the continuing debate on the UK’s membership of the EU. But while the claims and counter-claims of Messrs Cameron, Osborne, Johnson and Gove filled the airwaves and dominated the headlines, for the rest of the world it was ‘business as normal.’ German unemployment fell to a record low, Greece unlocked another tranche of bail-out cash, there was the usual mixed news on the US economy and China churned out another huge trade surplus. May was also the month when oil hit $50 a barrel for the first time this year as supply disruptions – largely due to fires in Canada – saw the price

You, the Capital Markets and Your Brexit Fears

One of our responsibilities as your financial adviser is to help you put market news in its proper perspective, especially when the media is reporting particularly steep, UK market declines like we've seen during the past few days. If you are okay with ignoring the current headlines and going about your business according to the investment portfolio we recommended to you, feel free to continue as you were. Unless you would like to revisit your own risk tolerances or individual financial goals, none of our advice about how to manage your personal portfolio has changed. If, on the other hand, you are wondering whether you should adjust your investments in light of the unknown Brexit implicatio

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