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We take your Privacy very seriously. If you want to read more on the subject please do so by clicking below which links to our Data Privacy Notice.


Future Financial Planning Data Privacy Notice May 2018


But to make things a bit easier, we've summarised a short version here:


  • We collect and hold a range of personal data about our existing and prospective client


  • We only use your personal data if we've got a legitimate reason for doing so. If you are a client, this is likely to 'performance of a contract'. For any marketing purposes, we'll only use your data if we have your consent.


  • Because we are a regulated firm, if we have provided you with advice in the past, we're going to hold on to that data forever, securely. We hope that we would never need to defend a legal claim or complaint, but if we didn't hold any data (i.e. deleted it) on the advice given we would be unable to defend it!


  • The nature of our work also means that we may hold some 'special category data' about our clients, which we are extra careful with


  • You can ask us about the personal data we hold on you and, under some circumstances, ask us to delete it. Our need to keep your personal data to fulfil our contractual obligations or defends potential future claims might supersede that request, but we'll consider each request indivudually.



If you have any questions, don't hesitate to get in touch!


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