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Financial Planning

Financial Planning

Financial Planning is about you, your goals and what you want from your lifestyle. We work with our clients to answer their biggest questions such as when can I retire and will I run out of money?

Investment Management

Investment Management

We help our client manage risk, lower costs and reduce tax where ever possible. We work with a Chartered Financial Analyst (CFA) to help you understand any weaknesses in your investment strategies.



People have never had more choices and freedom with pensions. With so many choices many clients come to us for help to explain the best way forward. We understand that this is one of the biggest decision in your lifetime, so getting it right is essential.

Independent Financial Planning and Wealth Management tailored to you.

Welcome to Future Financial Planning Limited. We provide financial planning and investment advisory services for individuals and business owners in Essex, Suffolk and London. Find out more about us.


We are Independent Financial Advisers (IFA's) which means we have our clients best interests at heart, always. We offer friendly and affordable advice at a pre-agreed cost. 


By working with Future Financial Planning, you can move forward with your goals, relax and enjoy your life. We take away all the stress that dealing with money can cause.


Whether you need impartial advice investments, pension planning, or any other aspect of financial advice we are here to help.


Call us on 01255 377009 or complete our enquiry form to arrange a meeting entirely at our expense without obligation.

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